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E' Komo Mai                                         

Part of Ewa by Gentry, the award-winning master-planned community nestled in southwest Oahu. Hu'elani is located next to the Coral Creek Golf Course and a few minutes from Hawaii Prince Golf Course and Hoakalei Country Club.  Hu'elani offers a private setting with 101 luxurious single-family condominium homes that are designed for people who want to enjoy resort-style living all year long. The Clubhouse, pool, spa, and gym are availabie to all residents and their accompanied guests, and the well-kept common areas add to the serenity of the community.

President's Residents' Forum

The P'Residents' Forum for April was held on Wednesday evening 8 April. I would like to thank those who attended to discuss issues regarding the communication of Board Meeting Agenda items. This was the focal point of the meeting, because some individuals had concerns about events that they didn't know about in advance, and some posed questions regarding how the decisions are made by the Board. A lengthy discussion about the planning of the budget and how the Board addresses issues, such as the installation of speed bumps was discussed.

This meeting had the most attendees since the meeting at which the Board described the plan to install PV Solar in Hu'elani, which was offered prior to the solicitations of votes from the Association Membership. It was encouraging to see several individuals who wanted to get more detailed information regarding recent and past Board decisions.
Thank you to those who attended.

As a result of these discussions it was realized that some residents may not know that the Agenda for every Board Meeting is posted on the Message Board outside the Association Office at least 72 hours before each Board Meeting. If you wish to know what is going to be discussed at Board Meetings the Board encourages you to read the Meeting Announcement and Agenda which is usually posted on Saturday before each Wednesday meeting.

Discussions at the P'Residents' Open Forum, one week before each Board meeting will also help Residents to understand what the Board has done over the past month and what is being planned (and therefore discussed) at the upcoming Board Meeting. Since most large, funded maintenance/procurement events are completed before the summer months, no P'Residents Open Forum meeting are scheduled during the summer, when many of the Baord members including the President, travel on vacations. A NEWSLETTER will be published sometime in May to update Homeowners and Residents of Summer Events and to pass on some information about current issues and discussions. Beginning with the October 14th P'Resident's Open Forum, which is the next scheduled Open Forum, we will post an agenda/outline of what will be discussed at that Forum. This will be the first Forum following the Annual Budget Meeting in September, for which costs and expenditures for 2016 have already been started and will continue through the summer.

There will be no P'Residents' Forum in May, June, July, or August.
There will be no Board meeting in June of 2015.

Other exceptions will be announced when appropriate.