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President's Residents' Forum Dates

The President's Residents' Forum for March will be held on the second Wednesday,
11 March at 6:30PM in the Clubhouse Upstairs Lanai.
Please set this date on your calendar if you have any questions about the management of Hu'elani.

All P'Residents' Forums during 2015 will be held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 6:30PM, and followed the next week on the 3rd Wednesday at 7:00PM by the Monthly Board meeting.

There will be no P'Residents' Forum in May, June, July, or August.
There will be no Board meeting in June of 2015.

Other exceptions will be announced when appropriate.

Powerwashing of the third set of 20 homes and driveways in Hu'elani
will begin on Monday 23 February 2015.

This process is part of a 10-year plan that includes 5 years of power washing followed by 5 years of painting of all the homes in Hu'elani. The work is done by existing contract, which extends through 2022. If you have any questions regarding this effort, please call Don Theune at 375-9694 or send a problem report through the facility on the website "" so that we may accomodate your scheduling needs. All homes completed during each day are next door to each other, or as close together as possible . The contract does not allow much flexibility to switch houses as additional time is required to move the equipment when the homes are not completed in clusters of contiguous homes.

Vehicles must be parked inside garages or in the visitor's parking spaces - NOT in the CLUBHOUSE Parking lot, on the days your home is to be powerwashed.
The driveways will be powerwashed the same day as the homes.

Please be certain that all plants and furniture are moved away from the house on the day your home will be powerwashed. The painters will be using a cleaning detergent on some homes and rinsing the entire house AND DRIVEWAY.

If there are vehicles in your driveway - or furniture is not moved away from your outside walls, your house will be skipped on the scheduled day and the next house on the list will be completed instead.


Monday 23 Feb-
Lot 39 {91-802 Luana'iki St} {Completed}, Lot 54 {91-833 Launahele St} {Completed},
Lot 55 {91-829 Launahele St} {Completed}, and Lot 49 {91-824 Launahele St} {Completed}

Tuesday 24 Feb-
Lot 43 {91-712 Launahele St} {Completed}, Lot 44 {91-716 Launahele St} {Completed},
Lot 40 {91-715 Launahele St} {Completed}, and Lot 45 {91-720 Launahele St} {Completed}

Wednesday 25 Feb-
Lot 46 {91-724 Launahele St} {Completed}, Lot 47 {91-728 Launahele St} {Completed},
Lot 60 {91-725 Launahele St} {Completed}, and Lot 61 {91-729 Launahele St} {Completed}

Thursday 26 Feb -
Lot 50 {91-820 Launahele St} {Completed}, Lot 51 {91-816 Launahele St} {Completed},
Lot 56 {91-823 Launahele St} {Completed}, and Lot 57 {91-819 Launahele St} {Completed}

Friday 27 Feb -
Lot 52 {91-810 Launahele Street} {Completed}, Lot 53 {91-804 Launahele Street} {Completed},
Lot 58 {91-815 Launahele Street} {Completed}, and
Lot 59 {91-809 Launahele Street} {Awaiting return of contractor - Home not ready on scheduled day}

Saturday 28 Feb - RAIN DAY - and/or outside wall cleanup

E' Komo Mai                                         

Part of Ewa by Gentry, the award-winning master-planned community nestled in southwest Oahu. Hu'elani is located next to the Coral Creek Golf Course and a few minutes from Hawaii Prince Golf Course and Hoakalei Country Club.  Hu'elani offers a private setting with 101 luxurious single-family condominium homes that are designed for people who want to enjoy resort-style living all year long. The Clubhouse, pool, spa, and gym are availabie to all residents and their accompanied guests, and the well-kept common areas add to the serenity of the community.